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A Career in Business Analysis

Majoring in business analysis will prepare you for the more specialized roles in finance and accounting. The job entails risk assessment, business planning, issues management, economics, reporting, finance and accounting. Duties can vary widely depending on the industry and the role. Employers will require at minimum a bachelor's degree and will be looking for applicants with experience and training on the job.

Coursework in Business Analysis

A bachelor's degree program in business analysis will generally take 3 to 4 years to complete. Coursework will be in-depth and quantitative and typically covers everything from basic business management to complex financial management. In addition to training in the in-depth accounting skills needed for a job as a business analyst you will also need excellent communications skills. In some roles you might be required to work with both end-users and upper management. You might be required to explain complex financial data. To succeed in this role you need to be a creative thinker and a problem-solver.

Job Outlook and Pay

A job in business analysis falls under the category of financial management. You may work on your own or you might have supervisory responsibilities. The job outlook for financial managers is good, with employment growth expected to grow as fast as average. According to the U.S. Dept. of Labor, people in this field earned a median annual salary of $81,880 in May 2004. Larger companies typically pay more and in this position other forms of compensation, such as stock options and bonuses, are common.

Online Degrees in Business Analysis

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