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Online Bachelors Degrees in RN to BSN

Find online bachelors degrees, courses, and programs in rn to bsn. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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RN to BS in Nursing Completion Degree

This program is for registered nurses who want to complete their bachelor's degree to prepare for health care leadership positions and gain the educational foundation needed for the pursuit of graduate studies in nursing. This degree program centers around health promotion, risk reduction, disease prevention, information and health care technologies, ethics, human diversity, management theory, and health care system and policies. A defining feature of the curriculum is its increased focus on leadership.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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RN to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

This certificate is designed for health care and nursing professionals interested in pursuing careers in educational or service settings. Current educators can update or expand their knowledge in curriculum development, assessment and evaluation, and revitalize their teaching and learning strategies.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree is for currently licensed nurses who hold an Associate's degree in nursing or a hospital diploma. The curriculum explores contemporary ethical issues, caring for vulnerable populations and issues in cultural diversity. Graduates are successful in leadership roles such as teaching, office management, and project management in hospitals, clinics or wellness programs.

Offered by: National American University
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing is designed to assist registered nurses (RNs) elevate their skills and pay grade to that of a BSN. The program is online, which allows registered nurses currently working in the field to earn their degree without disrupting their work schedule or family life. Students learn theory and academics that aid their on-the-job skills and prepare them to advance their careers or acquire a specialty.

Offered by: Chamberlain College of Nursing
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RN to BS in Nursing

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science degree program in Nursing is designed for certified registered nurses with an Associate's degree or diploma in nursing. The online format meets the needs of the erratic schedule of a working RN. Courses cover clinical patient care, healthcare management, and professional nursing practice and leadership. Graduates of the program are prepared to become leaders in the nursing profession.

Offered by: Grand Canyon University
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Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science in Nursing

The Registered Nurse to Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing prepares nurses for a broader scope of practice and for entry into a Master’s or Doctoral nursing program. The curriculum provides an expanded understanding of the cultural, political, economic and social issues that affect patients and influence healthcare delivery by emphasizing the allocation and management of physical, fiscal and human resources.

Offered by: Keiser University
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Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN to BSN)

Students in this program will study palliative care, gerontological nursing, and complementary and alternative nursing methods, enhance their patient teaching skills and their ability to motivate and train nursing staff, and develop management abilities by expanding their critical thinking skills in establishing priorities, delegating responsibility, and formulating decisions.

Offered by: South University
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BS in Nursing for Registered Nurses

The UMass Boston Online Bachelor of Science in Nursing for RN Program maximizes accessibility and convenience for highly motivated, independent professionals. There is, however, a requirement that students attend a residential orientation prior to the commencement of the online nursing classes. Students from out of state should contact the program office to discuss arrangements for completing residential requirements at a distance. The Nursing course portion of the program operates on a cohort model, whereby a group of students completes the same program of study over five semesters. The six-credit nursing courses are taught online in the Summer, Fall and Spring sessions. The twenty credits of non-nursing general education and elective courses may be satisfied through the UMass Boston Division of Corporate, Continuing, and Distance Education (CCDE) with online courses (if available), in a traditional course at UMass Boston, or (with prior approval from the College of Nursing and Health Sciences) at another accredited college or university.

Offered by: UMassOnline
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RN to BS (Nursing)

The Amherst Online RN to BS Program has won the 2001 New England Continuing Education Faculty Award, and the New England Continuing Education Student Award in 2005. The Program prepares nurses for a successful career in healthcare. With the many changes taking place within the nursing profession, nurses need the skills to advance their careers and become leaders nursing. In addition to practicum, coursework includes: nursing research, cultural diversity issues, community focused nursing, management, and writing in nursing. The online RN to BS program is learner-centered and combines Web-based instruction and student tailored practice to meet the needs of busy registered nurses. Online nursing courses offer the flexibility to study anytime - anywhere. Clinical practica are offered at locations convenient to home.

Offered by: UMassOnline
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