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Online Bachelors Degrees in Retail Management

Find online bachelors degrees, courses, and programs in retail management. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

* = Staff Recommended

BS in Business/Retail Management

This program includes coursework in computers and information processing, management, financial analysis, accounting, business law, marketing, buyer behavior, and international marketing. It focuses the student on the retail management environment. The program emphasizes skill development in strategic management, marketing, supply management, product and brand management, retail operations, merchandising, and personnel management unique to the retail industry.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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Fashion & Retail Management

In this program, you'll learn how to develop, analyze, and implement sales strategies. Buying and merchandising practices are explored. Your inventory control and cost analysis skills are honed. And, you'll learn more about the many avenues open to you in this exciting field: buying, coordinating runway shows, sales consultation, manufacturer's representative, and more. Department stores, boutiques, and designer showrooms are the environments in which you will be part of the changing face of fashion, from season to season.

Offered by: The Art Institute Online *
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BSB/Retail Management

Examine the workings of the industry on every level, and develop an understanding of the variables and techniques for success. Explore subjects such as consumer behavior and customer relationships, employee training and motivation, sales forecasting, and inventory management. Learn to manage the flow of information and merchandise in retail chains, and implement strategies to gain a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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BBA: Retail Management

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Retail Management provide students with the skills necessary to start a career managing a retail store. Courses cover topics including electronic commerce, strategic market pricing, advertising principles, business logistics management, consumer behavior, sales and retail management, and business administration. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in retail management and in pursuit of an MBA.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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Organizational Management - Retail Management

A BA degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Retail Management offers the skills necessary for its graduates to become successful managers in retail. Graduates combine the foundational courses in their organizational management degree with the additional 12 semester credits that focus on issues specific to the retail industry and come away prepared to handle the day to day functions of managing a retail business.

Offered by: Ashford University
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