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Online Bachelors Degrees in Political Science

Find online bachelors degrees, courses, and programs in political science. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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Organizational Management - Political Science

By acquiring a Bachelor of Arts degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Political Science, students learn the theories, concepts, and methods of the political process while gaining a foundation in organizational skills. Political history and contemporary application are among the topics covered in the curriculum, as are organizational management courses like communications and ethics. Graduates are qualified to enter the political arena in a variety of capacities.

Offered by: Ashford University
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BS - Political Science

This program provides an education that imparts an appreciation for the intellectual, historical, and political accomplishments of humankind and aids them in assuming civic and social responsibility. Students who complete this program are prepared for public service and policy formation, political careers, and graduate programs in political science, law, and international service.

Offered by: Ellis College
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