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Online Bachelors Degrees in Early Childhood

Find online bachelors degrees, courses, and programs in early childhood. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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Organizational Management - Early Childhood Education

The Bachelor's degree in Organizational Management with a concentration in Early Childhood Education focuses its curriculum on the organizational structure that supports the classroom. Through both education and managerial courses, students learn the skills that will qualify them to manage that structure successfully. Though this degree does not qualify graduates for teaching licensure, it does create management professionals with skills vital to the success of early childhood education.

Offered by: Ashford University
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Bachelor's Degree in Early Care and Education Concentration

This Bachelor's Degree with an Early Childhood and Education Concentration is designed for early childhood professionals who at one time started a college degree and would now like to complete their first ever bachelor's degree and advance in the field. Credit for learning gained from life and work experiences: Through a series of courses you will develop a degree plan to guide you as you work toward your degree and write a portfolio describing learning you've gained from life, work and training experiences, for which you can earn between 15 and 30 academic credits. Credit for professional development programs: UWW students can have training that is considered ""college level"" and related to early care and education evaluated for credit, with 16 contact hours equaling 1 academic credit. These are considered transfer credits. UWW is for adults who have skills and knowledge learned on the job and who have been unable to finish their bachelor's degree. The curriculum was created in collaboration with early care and education agencies and is taught by faculty with expertise in this field. In this program, you will work closely with other early care and education staff, sharing experiences, information, ideas, and techniques. Specialized Degree: All courses are taught by UWW and UMass Amherst faculty, and allow you to build a concentration with courses in your area of interest.

Offered by: UMassOnline
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