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Online Bachelors Degrees in Accounting

Find online bachelors degrees, courses, and programs in accounting. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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BS in Business/Accounting

This program promotes identification with and orientation to the accounting profession. It is designed to provide the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for students to pursue a successful accounting career. Core competencies in technology, critical thinking, and communication are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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Bachelor's of Business Administration - Accounting & Finance

This program was designed to help prepare students who are interested in pursuing career opportunities such as internal auditors, assistant controllers, loan officers, and personal financial advisors. This program allows students with associate's degrees to advance in their current career fields. Furthermore, graduates will have a strong foundation for continues studies should they choose to pursue an MBA in their chosen business field.

Offered by: AIU Online *
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Bachelor of Science in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting (BSACC) is designed to prepare students with an understanding of corporate, governmental and nonprofit accounting. Courses cover topics including problem-solving skills, financial management, cost accounting, tax accounting, decision making, and auditing. Graduates will be successful as general accountants, controllers, budget analysts, loan officers, personal financial advisors, and more.

Offered by: Colorado Technical University Online *
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BBA in Accounting

This degree will prepare you for professional certification as a Certified Public Accountant and expand your opportunities to work in a variety of positions both in and outside the traditional role of preparing, analyzing, and verifying financial documents. You’ll receive a core understanding of business fundamentals, ethics, and leadership, acquire skills related to financial, managerial, cost, and auditing areas of accounting, explore the implications of tax law through real-world projects, and advance your career opportunities.

Offered by: Jones International University *
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B.S. in Business/Accounting

This program prepares you for entry-level positions in the accounting industry, including tax preparation firms and payroll departments. Courses cover accounting principles, including new tax laws, financial statements, balance sheets, asset management, inventory analysis, accounting software, and cost-volume-profit analysis. This emphasis area also covers accounting procedures related to managing and controlling business activities.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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BS in Accounting

The Bachelor of Science degree with a concentration in Accounting provides students with the skills they need to start or expand their career in accounting. Courses cover topics including beginning, intermediate and advanced accounting; microcomputer applications for accountants; business; computer information systems; managerial accounting; federal taxation; cost accounting; auditing; non-profit/municipal accounting; and business law. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in accounting and in pursuit of a Master's degree.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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Accounting (Bachelor)

The Bachelor of Science degree in Accounting prepares students to measure and communicate the financial position of an enterprise and provide advice on taxation, management services, and the analysis of information systems. Students also gain knowledge of auditing through theory and practice. Graduates of the program can take advantage of a job market that continues to increase its demand for skilled professionals.

Offered by: FMU Online
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Business and Accounting Technology

This program blends business and technology in a way that's relevant to prospective employers. The program ranges from fundamentals in computing to database development and applications to courses that explore how business functions in a contemporary global, information and technical environment. Graduates will be prepared for a business accounting career and able to pursue entry-level positions in fields involving accounting or finance.

Offered by: ITT Technical Institute
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Bachelor of Business - Accounting

The Bachelor of Business degree with a concentration in Accounting surveys practical applications in accounting as well as business theory. Students learn social, ethical, economic, legal, and regulatory accounting concepts and develop the problem-solving, decision-making and communication skills necessary to compete in a dynamic global marketplace. Graduates will be fully prepared for advanced study and/or entry-level positions in accounting.

Offered by: Baker College Online
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BS - Professional Accounting

Every organization relies on accounting to generate information for decision-making purposes. Accounting captures information about an organization's operating, investing, and financing activities and reports this information to a wide variety of internal and external stakeholders. This degree program prepares you for careers in the professional accounting, external auditing, taxation, consulting, and related professions.

Offered by: Ellis College
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BA Christian Studies Applied Ministry Emphasis: Worship

The Bachelor of Arts degree in Christian Studies Applied Ministry with an emphasis in Worship is founded on Biblical studies and focuses on theology and Christian history. Worship emphasis graduates will be able to explain the biblical and historical roots of worship, the theology associated with worship, and the process of planning worship. Graduates will employ communication, leadership, and organizational skills in an effective applied ministry development.

Offered by: Grand Canyon University
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Bachelor's - Accounting

The Bachelor's degree in Accounting provides students with the skills needed in today’s business environment. The program provides a basic understanding of business and addresses the unique skills needed by an accountant through the use of case studies, projects and personal computers incorporating various software packages. Topics include accounting in the areas of financial, managerial, auditing and tax. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in the accounting field.

Offered by: Keiser University
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The Bachelor of Science in Accounting degree provides students with a well-rounded curriculum in business and accounting with the freedom to specialize in a particular area of accounting practice. Courses cover topics including accounting, payroll, tax preparation, finance, ethics, policy and law. Graduates are successful in private, public and government accounting organizations.

Offered by: Minnesota School of Business
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A degree in Accounting provides students with a well-rounded education in business administration and accounting skills. The curriculum covers topics including communications, statistics, data analysis, quantitative analysis, research and development, project management, tax policy and law, ethics and theory. Graduates are prepared for entry-level positions in accounting departments or organizations and in pursuit of higher education degrees in business or accounting.

Offered by: Mountain State University
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Business Administration - Accounting

This program equips students with the business and financial skills necessary to enter the field of accounting. In addition, this degree combines management and general education courses to help students apply skills in general management, critical thinking, logic, communication, and problem solving to workplace challenges. This degree prepares students for entry-level positions in the field of accounting, including auditing clerk, loan officer, and payroll clerk.

Offered by: Westwood College Online
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