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Online Associate Degrees in Criminal Justice

Find online associate degrees, courses, and programs in criminal justice. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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Associate's (AABA) - Criminal Justice Administration

This program combines courses from the school of business with courses that are designed to aid in the acquisition of specific skills needed in the field of criminal justice. Students will complete a 90-credit hour program that combines business and criminal justice courses with general education requirements. Furthermore, this program is designed to allow students an easy transition into the bachelor's degree program.

Offered by: AIU Online *
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A.A.S. in Criminal Justice

Students looking to complete a two-year degree as a base for a bachelor’s degree as well as people seeking entry-level employment in the criminal justice field should consider this program. It provides a solid foundation in the areas of law enforcement, courts, corrections, and security. It also provides a liberal arts knowledge base and the technical skills required in specialized employment areas.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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Associate of Arts in Criminal Justice

This program is designed to provide graduates with the skills and knowledge required to work effectively in a variety of corrections, probation, government, and private security settings. The curriculum provides a solid foundation in areas of criminal behavior, criminology methods, public policy, specialized interpersonal communication, and both criminal justice and ethical issues.

Offered by: University of Phoenix *
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Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice Associate's degree program provides students with the basics of how the legal process works, from law enforcement to the courts through the corrections system. Students study the history and development of the criminal justice system and its effect on society and graduate prepared for a career in law, government, or criminal justice.

Offered by: Aakers College
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Criminal Justice

This program teaches both the fundamentals of the criminal justice system and essential criminal justice skills. The program offers a foundation in criminal law, legal procedures, criminal evidence, and criminology. Areas of study include law enforcement, the courts, and corrections. Graduates of this program may pursue career opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions involving law enforcement, community corrections, private investigation, and security.

Offered by: ITT Technical Institute
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Criminal Justice

This program begins with courses in psychology, government and communications. These are all important, career enhancement areas that overlap the criminal justice field. The curriculum includes instruction in criminal law and procedure, policing, investigation, corrections, juvenile justice, domestic violence, and more. Each course is highly focused and thorough, designed to teach you the social, legal and ethical issues relevant to the criminal justice profession today.

Offered by: PCDI
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AS - Criminal Justice

This program is right for you if you are currently employed in the field, if you are interested in pursuing a career in criminal justice, or if you have a strong desire to make your community a better place to live. The program will help you succeed in a variety of criminal justice positions, including courtroom administrator, police officer, private security officer, probation or parole officer, juvenile delinquency case manager, corrections officer, or police detective.

Offered by: Virginia College Online
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AAS in Justice Studies - Criminal Justice

The Associate of Science degree in Justice Studies with a concentration in Criminal Justice prepares students with the skills required for entry-level positions in a wide range of agencies. Graduates will be successful in advanced study in Criminal Justice or positions administering justice in local police stations and corrections departments, at state and federal agencies, and in private and public sector security organizations.

Offered by: Berkeley College - Online
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Criminal Justice Technology

This program's objectives focus on the ability of the graduate to possess entry-level knowledge of criminology and the criminal justice system, understand procedure case law, acquire computer skills to be used in the legal environment, and be able to use specific computer technologies, techniques, procedures, and policies relevant to crime scene investigation. It's designed to prepare students for entry-level careers in criminal justice in the areas of corrections, government, juvenile justice, homeland security, law enforcement agencies, and public and private agencies.

Offered by: ECPI College of Technology
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Criminal Justice (Associate's)

The Associate of Science degree in Criminal Justice provides a broad understanding of the criminal justice system and prepares students careers in the fields of law and law enforcement. The curriculum is comprehensive covering topics including the fundamental aspects of the United States court systems, correctional organizations, and law enforcement agencies. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in probation, corrections, immigration, and case/social work.

Offered by: Everest College
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Criminal Justice

In this program students have a broad spectrum of coursework in corrections, law enforcement, private security, and investigation. The program is designed to prepare students for a variety of careers in the criminal justice field in both the public and private sector. Upon successful completion of the program, graduates can pursue entry-level positions with local or state law enforcement agencies, the federal government, insurance companies, correctional facilities, and private security services.

Offered by: Indiana Business College
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Associate's - Criminal Justice

The Associate's degree in Criminal Justice provides an overview of the American criminal justice system and a review of institutions, laws, theories and players that make up the system. Courses cover criminal behavior patterns, law enforcement organizations, juvenile systems, legal principles and doctrines and fundamentals of criminal investigations. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in criminal justice and law enforcement.

Offered by: Keiser University
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Criminal Justice

There are certain skills you need to begin a career in the field of Criminal Justice. This program helps you learn them quickly and conveniently. You'll learn about the workings of the courts and criminal justice system, police management and law enforcement, police studies and psychology, security and crime prevention, and the juvenile justice system.

Offered by: Penn Foster Schools
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Criminal Justice

The Associate of Applied Science degree in Criminal Justice provides an online course of study exploring the criminal justice system. Courses cover topics including homeland security law, criminology, juvenile law, terrorism, criminal law and procedure and drugs and crimes. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in homeland security, corrections, private security, loss prevention, juvenile justice, family services and the court clerk's office.

Offered by: Rasmussen College
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Criminal Justice

With a degree in criminal justice, you can work in Juvenile Justice, Law Enforcement, Corrections, or Judicial Administration, on the front lines of crime or behind-the-scenes. In this Associate of Applied Science Degree program, students will study of criminal and constitutional law, learn the principles of investigation, receive an education on jails and prisons, receive an overview of the juvenile justice system, and receive an understanding of probation and parole systems.

Offered by: Allied College
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