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Online Associate Degrees in Business Administration

Find online associate degrees, courses, and programs in business administration. Curriculum & programs in this area cover a broad range of subjects and are designed to provide students with a broad-based education.

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Associate's of Business Administration

This program offers a combination of fundamental business courses and general education requirements that foster the critical thinking and communication skills necessary of today's business professionals. Students in this program are given an introduction to the global business environment. Furthermore, the program is designed so that students can smoothly transition to the bachelor's degree program.

Offered by: AIU Online *
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A.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies

The objective of this degree program is to prepare students for career advancement in a variety of fields with the knowledge, communication skills, critical thinking, and technical competencies required in the modern workplace. Furthermore, if you are interested in working with children or adolescents or are considering a teaching certificate in the future, the program’s Educational Paraprofessional emphasis area will provide you with the opportunity to pursue these options.

Offered by: Kaplan University *
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AA in Business Admin

This program prepares students to pursue a bachelor’s degree in this field of study. It offers a strong basis in business management as well as a broad general education. Students will be prepared to enter the business world with the skills, knowledge, and success strategies that are the backbone of this program.

Offered by: Strayer University Online *
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Business Administration

This program of study offers students the opportunity to develop fundamental business knowledge and skills. It combines the study of the fundamentals of marketing, financial accounting, communication, and strategic management. In addition to traditional business courses, there is an emphasis throughout the program on how to use technology to help meet the changing needs of businesses in the global information age.

Offered by: ITT Technical Institute
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Business Administration

The Business Administration degree provides a basic understanding of business concepts as well as an introduction to the use of computer systems and technology in business. Students may choose an emphasis in accounting, information technology, financial management, pre-law, international business, management or marketing. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions or internships in business as well as the pursuit of a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration.

Offered by: National American University
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AS in Business Administration

The online Associate of Science degree in Business Administration offers students a basic skill set in business principles and theory and how to use those tools to create contemporary business solutions. Courses cover topics including interpersonal skills, critical thinking and analysis, strategic planning and technical solutions in business processes and systems. Graduates will be successful making management, marketing, and accounting decision with an eye toward improving operational performance.

Offered by: American Sentinel University
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Associate of Science in Business Administration

This degree is one of the most versatile credentials available, providing graduates with the opportunity to start rewarding careers in any industry. The program offers students several concentrations to choose from, including management, accounting, health care, and legal studies. Graduates will be well prepared to enter the field of business in an entry-level position or to move on and pursue their masters in business administration degree.

Offered by: Herzing College Online
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Business Administration

This program provides students with an extensive business background, focusing on principles and techniques of effective administration. Specialized courses in sales and marketing prepare you to become a management trainee in administration, manufacturing, retail, restaurant, and other related industries.

Offered by: Indiana Business College
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Associate's - Business Administration

The Associate's degree in Business Administration provides basic business administration skills. Students learn about computers, computer skills and software applications necessary to prosper in a business environment. Courses provide an understanding of business administration methods, management skills and business knowledge. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions and internships as well as in pursuit of a Bachelor's degree in the specialty of their choice.

Offered by: Keiser University
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Business Administration

The Business Administration degree program provides knowledge of the fundamental principles of business methods and procedures and prepare students for practical work in management, marketing or accounting. Students also learn competencies in communications, social sciences, humanities, fine arts, analytical and inferential reasoning, and computational skills. Graduates are successful in entry-level positions in a number of industries.

Offered by: Minnesota School of Business
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Associate in Science in Business Administration (A.S.)

This two year program combines a foundation in general management theory with skill development in human resources, management, and accounting. Upon attainment of the Assoicate Degree in Business Administration, the student will be ready to enter a career or transfer to a baccalaureate program. Graduates typically find employment in fields including banking, insurance, retailing and wholesaling, human resources, advertising, manufacturing, government, transportation, and healthcare.

Offered by: Fisher College Online
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