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Visual Communications
Visual communication careers are perfect for those with strong visual artistic talents who enjoy working in a fast-paced, deadline oriented work environment. The job entails the communication of ideas using images through media including art, photography, and illustration. With the explosion of the Internet over the past decade many visual communications careers have begun to focus on using applied ideas and techniques for communicating on the Web. To succeed in this field you should have excellent communication skills and be able to work well in teams. Intuitive problem solving skills are also prized.

Degree Programs In Visual Communications
Typically, a degree program in visual communications will focus on applying your existing artistic talents on communicating with the technology and media most frequently used in the profession. Coursework might cover web design, graphic design, and animation techniques. Training can include using visual communication techniques for advertising, corporate presentations, and training materials. A variety of computer programs will be covered as well as basic visual communication theory.

A Career In Visual Communications
Earning a degree in visual communications will prepare you for a variety of positions in the corporate world from advertising and marketing to training or curriculum design. Graphic design is also a popular career choice for those with a visual communications degree. While job competition is strong for all of these fields, having a degree can help give you an edge over other job applicants. Pay can be quite good in these fields, but the top dollar positions go to those with experience. As an entry-level graphic designer you could expect to earn a salary in the mid twenties to thirties depending on where you live. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, top positions in 2004 paid as much as $65,940.

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Online Degrees in Visual Communications

AIU Online

In addition to the seven campuses scattered across the United States, Britain and the United Arab Emirates, American InterContinental University Online offers a variety of degree programs to students online. They offer seven major schools, each of which offer a variety of degree programs. These include the schools of: more

Visual Communications Degrees Offered:
  • Associate's (AABA) - Visual Communication

    This program combines courses from the school of business with courses that are designed to aid in the acquisition of specific skills needed in the field of visual communication. Students will study diverse subjects that range from art appreciation to personal finance. Furthermore, this program is a stepping stone for students wishing to later pursue a bachelor's degree in this field.

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Visual Communications

    Because students are required to have an associate's degree prior to enrolling in this program, the program focuses less on general education requirements and centers primarily on the study of graphic design. Students will create a portfolio of projects from each of their courses in order to better prepare them for later career opportunities.

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University of Phoenix

With more than 8,000 faculty and staff, University of Phoenix is the largest accredited private university. In its online incarnation, University of Phoenix has distilled its programs into accelerated course programs to help you get the most degree in the least amount of time without breaking your wallet. more

Visual Communications Degrees Offered:
  • BS in IT/Visual Communications

    This program uses graphic design and technology tools to create visual communications that are relevant to organizations. As a result, graduates possess a diverse portfolio including websites, rich media advertising, corporate reports, business presentations, instructional materials, animated movies, and electronic publications that fulfill business and training needs. This portfolio positions graduates as people with technology backgrounds who are prepared to have an immediate positive impact in a business or training setting.

  • Associate of Arts in Information Technology/Visual Communication

    This program provides an overview of visual design elements to be implemented within a business framework. Topics within this program include visual design elements such as composition and style, use of color, textures, integration, and manipulation of graphics images, photographic re-touching and text/font design. Fundamentals and basic web programming will also be covered. A graduate of this program will have design skills useful in business areas such as marketing, web design or training.

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Westwood College Online

Westwood College Online offers 17 degree programs, ranging from Business Administration to Game Art and Design. Their curriculum provides hands-on projects, incorporating some of the latest skills and technologies which you'll learn during your coursework. more

Visual Communications Degrees Offered:
  • Visual Communications

    This program combines technical courses with general education courses to help students develop skills needed to function in today's technological business world. With course topics ranging from web technologies and advanced web design to career management and public speaking, students receive a practical and balanced education. While most credits are focused on web design, students also study subjects like business and accounting, humanities, and social science.

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The University of Massachusetts has been providing high quality educational opportunities for Massachusetts residents and for students and faculty from all over the world for more than 140 years. The University of Massachusetts President and Board of Trustees created UMassOnline in 2001 to meet the online educational needs of people locally, nationally, and internationally by offering accredited educational programs via interactive, Internet-based learning systems. more

Visual Communications Degrees Offered:
  • Certificate in Instructional Technology Design

    The certificate program in Instructional Technology Design is developed to meet the increasing challenges created by the high technology training needs of academic, corporate, and public educators. Through a combination of readings, discussions, lectures and projects, this program provides participants with the opportunity to design and produce computer-mediated learning activities and interactive multimedia materials, and to make effective use of instructional technology in curriculum development. This program may be completed entirely online.

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