Graphic Design Degrees: Hot for the Future!

Graphic Design Degrees: Hot for the Future!

By Mary Hobson

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A career in graphic design is a popular choice if you have artistic talent and a flair for practical applications, and if you are thinking of making this choice, then now is the time to do it. Graphic design is a really hot career, as not only are there the traditional areas of design that are showing no signs of disappearing, but also computing, entertainment and related industries are increasing the demand for graphic designers.

If you have decided that graphic design is the right career for you, the next step is to find a graphic design degree education that will suit your needs. Some schools concentrate on the artistic and design side of the industry - particularly the courses based in art schools , and some are specially formulated to look at the technical issues, allowing you to develop skills in this area as well as the artistic and design subjects. You need to think carefully what you want to do in the industry, and what you are best suited to.

Tech-savvy designers

The increased demand for graphic designers in technical applications has come about largely because of the use of computing for new applications, typically through the Internet. Graphic designers have increasingly been asked to design websites, and to help with the user interface for all kinds of applications such as mapping and other geo-information applications, and information retrieval in general. Many graphic designers now specialize in this kind of design, and according to the US Bureau of Labor, the demand is likely to increase over the next ten years.

Entertaining design

Another area where graphic designers have seen a real increase in demand is the entertainment industries. Graphic designers have traditionally been involved in titles, cartoons and other areas of design. Cartoons in particular are an increasing feature of entertainment - not only for movies and TV, but also over the web, and in games for computers and mobile devices. Again, this demand is set to increase over the next ten years.

You may decide to earn an online art degree, combining your period of study with working full-time. There are great advantages in doing this, and many people study to degree level very successfully this way without having to totally change their lifestyle. You should talk to an advisor at a college that offers online art degrees to find out what is involved.

Graphic design is one of the hot degrees at the moment because of this demand for graphic designers, so apply now to make sure you get the training you want - and make sure that your future is hot!

About the Author
A freelance writer, Mary Hobson is a consultant for technology start-ups in Russia. She has also worked as an executive officer in a defense facility and as a university lecturer in computer science and management information. Mary earned her first degree in textile marketing and subsequently studied education and computer science at a Master's degree level.


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